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Nigerian Lady Reveals Why Her Relationship with Ex-Boyfriend Ended in Barely 2 Weeks



A Nigerian lady identified as Helen Chioma King has narrated why she broke up with her ex boyfriend. Helen in a series of tweets revealed that after agreeing to date the young man, he informed her to always refer to him as ‘my lord’. However, she took the information lightly.

On a particular day, she went out with her male friend and during the outing, she received a call from her boo

She picked up the phone and said ‘hello’ but he got angry with her for not referring to him as ‘my lord’.

After much complaint over the phone, he found out that she was out with a male friend. He traced her to the restaurant and created a scene. During his public outrage, Helen decided that she would not want to be in a relationship with him anymore. “At that point, I knew I was done. The relationship was barely two weeks and I am already hyperventilating. I told him I was done, that I was so done. Dude started crying, I swear I have never seen anything like It, from roaring like a lion to suddenly crying and professing his love for me. And also saying that all this wouldn’t have happened if I had just responded to him properly when he called”, Helen tweeted.


Nigerians react to Helen’s tweet Emperor said:

“Mr lord thought we are still in the 1800s and wetin vex my vex was the fact that a fine girl like you would be subjected to this nonsense.Omo for this life ehnn, if no be money ehn no let anything come ur way oooo.” Kim of Africa reacted: “Sorry about your experience with “My Lord ” probably my Lord was taught that a woman must call him that. Had a friend with that mindset until we met and he learned somethings from me and I am glad he is happily married now. “my Lord” could be taught too if he is teachable”

Adim Oyemma commented:

“He for tell you make you dey call him the owner of your life or life giver .” Olakunle stated: “I remember my aunt’s husband telling my cousin how will he address him with “you”. What is he meant to say

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